Oneshot: Zimmerman Trail
Art by Greg Thelen

Zimmerman Trail is one of three roads that goes up and down the rims, and the only one on the west end of town. Originally, this was a trail for cattle ranchers back in the 19th century, and as Billings expanded, it got swallowed up by the city. It's difficult to get a good overhead shot here, at least from the angle I wanted, but having traversed it on several occasions, I knew what it would look like, more or less. The pictures I have show what one would see driving up the trail. It can get dicey when you make the big turn if you're not paying attention, so obey the traffic signs! Especially if people are jogging up the trail. I've seen people do this, and I have no idea why other than to torture themselves.

Below is a picture of coming down the trail. You get a fantastic view of the city this way, and I still get excited to see it, especially at night. If you're ever in Billings, try it!


Thursday Night Fight
Art by Gabriel Oliveira


I just knew I had to include the Babcock into a Magic City story. You just have to. I mean, just look at it. The neon blues and reds just draw you in, enchanting you with the prospects of...something. I'm not quite sure what, but it's something magical. And for whatever reason, it's been holding amateur boxing matches for years. I'm sure back in the day, it was the most happening theater in Billings. Now, it's a little worse for wear. Currently, the whole Babcock building is being renovated, so hopefully, the theater will see more action outside of boxing matches.

The other locale is the sports bar Hooligans. It's a popular place downtown, and it has this wonderfully beautiful sign. Go ahead and check it out sometime. You'll sure be able to find it.